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Pepper Valley Shifters books 1-4 are now republished - links inside!


What will happen when two shifters fight - over a love that has been ordained, and one that is forbidden?
Jace moved in with Fiona and her father when she was fourteen. Tall, lean, and hotter every day, he caught Fiona's eye on day one, and she has had a crush ever since. The problem is, Jace has never looked at her as anything but a friend.
On Fiona's sixteenth birthday, her dad announces she is going to mate a shifter she has never met when she turns twenty-one. Zane, though cute and muscled, is arrogant, older, and not at all her type.
One night, Jace finally sees Fi for the woman she has become. In a moment of weakness, he succumbs to her request for "just one kiss." A mate's addictive taste is something neither Jace nore Fiona deny.
Caught by a secret past, Jace believes he will never deserve a woman like Fi. However, Fi harbors a deep dark secret of her own, a secret that may change all of their lives.
Pepper Valley: A town where shifters, vampires and other creatures are a part of society.
They are caught

...and Shifted For Love.

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Living a life of bitter seclusion, Griffin Tago is a mentally and physically broken puma-shifter who finds himself suddenly alone and without a family.
Daniela “Dani” Celinho had a happy childhood in her family of shifters, until a deliberate act against her as a teenager leaves her with a limp, and unable to continue competing as a swimmer. Later on, after her father is murdered, her mother and sister both fall apart. Dani decides to make a life for herself, in a little town called Pepper Valley, Colorado.
One day, Griffin’s best friend talks him into having a beer at his sworn enemy’s place, Great Scott’s Bar & Grill. After a short run-in with “Great Scott” himself, Griffin’s friend distracts him by pointing out a brunette beauty standing at the jukebox. One look at her takes Griffin’s breath away.
Dani looks past the wheelchair and sees the strong handsome man with long dark hair and black tattoos. Their physical desire leads to a quick mating.
Can Dani heal not only Griffin’s body, but his soul as well?

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(formerly Shifter Under Cover & Shifter In Training)

Will their undercover mission bring Forrest and Addie closer, or will the addition of a third operative drive Forrest and Addie apart?
Forrest Scott has worked too long and too hard as an undercover operative for the D.E.A. Shifter Division to get stuck with a mission partner straight out of training. When his new partner turns out to be the one shifter woman he's been asking on dates repeatedly for years, he can't help but imagine the possibilities.
Adeline Lahey may be new to the undercover job, but she's had plenty of experience turning down his advances. She does everything she can think of to turn him off, yet sparks still fly. While their chemistry is palpable, even Forrest Scott can't be trusted with her heart.
When Forrest is forced to split his time between two missions, a third undercover operative takes over as Addie's full time mission partner.
Bonus Forrest Scott prequel story included: "Shifter In Training" : Forrest got more than he bargained for when he joined the DEA Shifter Division.

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Nick Caputo is a wolf-shifter, and the new clan enforcer. He knows with every fiber of his being that Violet Tago (a shifter who can’t shift) is his mate. One kiss, one simple taste . . . and she’ll be his.
Since arriving in Pepper Valley, Violet has ignored any burgeoning attraction for Nick, and instead is crushing big time on her brother’s best friend, Brody.
Brody Westwood, also a wolf-shifter, has never thought twice about his best friend’s kid sister. The fact is, he wants nothing to do with any other supernatural beings.
After seeing his best friend, Griffin, fall in love, marry and have children, Brody decides it’s time to settle down and start a family of his own. When a new curvaceous beauty shows up in town, the attraction practically crackles in the air between them. The good news is, Leah Cross isn’t a shifter…but neither is she human. Can Brody surpass his aversion and accept his love for her?
Two couples with undeniable attraction under the Colorado sky: Star-Crossed Shifters.

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